boba tea

Boba Drink

Boba Drink ingredients:
Servings: 2 (double ingredients for more servings)

-2 Cups of Ice
-1/3 Cup of Sugar
-1/3 Cup of Boba Powder (any flavor of your choice)
-1/4 Cup of water
-2 Tbsp of Condensed Sweeten Milk
-1/4 Cup of tropica pearls
-whip cream (optional)



1. Boil tropica pearls with 1/3-1/2 cup of sugar to give it flavor and drained them out when they’re soft & ready

2. Add all the ingredients (EXCEPT tropica pearls) together into a blender & BLEND.

3. Pour your perfectly blended Boba drink into a cup, add tropical pearls and top it off with whip cream.